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Compact Solutions

For training and entertainment centers or homes, built for beginners to intermediate skiers

Commercial Solutions

For working with a wide range of clients, from teaching children and beginners to sports training for advanced skiers and snowboarders

Professional Solutions

Olymp is our largest and most powerful simulator. Experience all physics of athletic modern carving identical to the real slope

Robotic Punching Bag 

 the first robot for martial arts designed to be a personal sparring partner with high-speed computer vision and AI to track every move

Control Touchscreen
65" Display
+ {{ currencySign }} 1,200{{ currencySign }} 0{{ currencySign }} 1,500

65" display is installed on a custom rack behind the BotBoxer for a more visual experience

75" Display
+ {{ currencySign }} 1,400{{ currencySign }} 0{{ currencySign }} 1,700

Upgrade a standard 65" display with a bigger 75"

Base color
Punching bag colors
Fencing color
Select options
Adult Punching Bag
+ {{ currencySign }} 0{{ currencySign }} 0{{ currencySign }} 0

Each simulator comes with an adult punching bag included. It takes 2-3 minutes to swap out the bags.

Junior Punching Bag
+ {{ currencySign }} 1,200{{ currencySign }} 0{{ currencySign }} 1,500

Shorter punching bag designed for kids 7–14 years old

Assembly Service
+ {{ currencySign }} 990{{ currencySign }} 0{{ currencySign }} 1,200

You have an option to assemble the simulator yourself or have our pro do it for you 

SkyTechSport App

Quickly log onto any simulator with your mobile device and collect all stats generated during training sessions. Track live leaderboards and compete with martial arts fans from around the world

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